What needs to be done?

Building KompoZer from source

If you want to contribute patches or builds for KompoZer, the first thing to do is to build it, obviously.

You will find detailed instructions at the Mozilla Developer Center. Here’s a quick how-to:

  1. check the build requirements for your platform: Windows™, MacOS X™ or Linux
  2. grab the sources, either from the latest source tarball (see the project page) or from the SVN trunk:
    svn checkout https://kompozer.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/kompozer/trunk
  3. copy the “mozconfig” file for your platform, from the mozilla/composer/config directory to mozilla/.mozconfig
    e.g. for MacOS X:
    cp mozilla/composer/config/mozconfig.mac mozilla/.mozconfig
  4. get in the "mozilla" directory:
    cd mozilla
  5. build with:
    make -f client.mk build_all

The result of your build will be in mozilla/obj-***/dist/bin directory.

You might find other useful instructions in the mozconfig file.

Developing KompoZer Add-ons

The Mozilla Developer Center should provide all necessary information to develop extensions or themes.

This documentation applies to all Mozilla-based apps, which includes KompoZer.


All KompoZer patches have to be tri-licensed (MPL/GPL/LGPL).

You may develop your own add-on with the license you wish (including a proprietary one); but if you want to give your add-on to be included into KompoZer some day, it has to be tri-licensed.